Why Does in My Cat Meow After Pooping -What Are the Reason?

  • December 28, 2022

Cats meow for many different reasons and it can range from telling humans they’re hungry or in need of attention to letting out their own inner emotions. Research has found that cats may even meow after pooping purely out of satisfaction. Some believe this meow is the cat’s way of saying “that felt great” and is usually accompanied by a content purr. Uniquely, some cats have been known to join these two actions together, offering a meow while they’re still on the potty. It’s amazing how cats find ways to feel satisfaction in even mundane daily tasks, inspiring us to do the same!

Cats Meow For A Variety Of Reasons, Including After They’ve Pooped

Cats meowing after they’ve pooped is a common phenomenon, and there are several reasons for it. 

  • First of all, cats are animals that enjoy the act of hunting and scavenging. After eating their prey or making themselves at home in a new place, many cats feel the need to vocalize their satisfaction with what they’ve done. This usually manifests itself as purring and/or meowing deep down in their throats – sounds that are particularly loud and long when felines have had something extra juicy on their menu!
  • Another reason why cats might meow after pooping is that doing so communicates to other cats that this area is now theirs – territory has been claimed! Not only will other felines be less likely to raid this spot in the future, but the cat who “owns” the spot may also benefit from increased visibility and access to fresh food sources. 
  • Lastly, some people believe that meowing after poop helps clean up (a process called defecation stripping). By scattering fecal material around while yowling softly, your kitty can help rid himself of any traces of indigestible matter before continuing with his daily routine…and maybe even leave you some tasty tidbits along the way 😉

The Meowing Could Be A Way To Tell You That They’re Done Using The Litter Box

A curious thing cats do is meow after they’ve used the litter box. While often overlooked, this behavior has plenty of significance. It’s theorized that cats use their meowing as a way to communicate; in this case, to inform their owners that they’ve come and gone in the litter box and are ready for any scrap of affection that comes their way. If your feline friend does this regularly, you might want to make sure you give them just a little love or reward afterward. It’s not only good for strengthening the bond between you two but it will also show kitty that you pay attention and care about what matters to them!

If Your Cat Is Meowing After Pooping, It Might Be Because They’re Trying To Tell You Something – Like That They’re Not Feeling Well

If your cat is meowing after pooping, it might be because they’re trying to tell you something – like that they’re not feeling well. After all, a cat’s little business is it’s own! But if you think your kitty was just protesting too much toilet paper on the floor or got tangled in a cordless vacuum cleaner, there may be another explanation. 

Check out this list of possible reasons why your cat is meowing after pooping:

  • Their digestive system isn’t working right and they are in pain.
  • They ate something bad and their stomach hurt.
  • There is something lodged inside their intestines and they are trying to get it out.
  • They have an infection in their intestine or bladder and are experiencing severe pain.

Whatever the reason, it’s important to pay attention to your cat’s behavior and what their meows mean in order to provide them with the best possible care

It’s easy to get caught up in our daily lives and forget about our cats. But their meows are a sign that they need our attention, and it’s important to always pay attention to what they’re saying. Here are five signs that your cat needs your help:

  1. They Meow Far Too Much – If your cat meows excessively, it may be because they’re in pain or lonely. Try making an appointment with the vet or going on short walks around the neighborhood instead of letting them run free all day long.
  2. They Are Scared or Uncomfortable – When a cat is scared or uncomfortable, their meows will generally become louder and more frequent. Pay close attention to where your kitty is hiding during nap time when there’s been a burglary nearby, or anytime there seems to be something wrong.
  3. Their Fur Is Shedding Frequently – This could mean one of two things: either you need to provide them with more litter box space (cats usually prefer over 20 square feet), OR there might be some sort of problem at home causing stress for the pet cat. Check out this guide on how often cats should be groomed for more information!
  4. They Have Lost Interest in Playing Sometimes – Cats love playtime just as much as we do! If theirs isn’t quite as active as usual, take note and investigate what might have caused the change before assuming anything negative happened (i.e., another family member moved into the house).

Final Say

What are the reasons behind cats meowing after pooping? According to new research, it’s all about satisfaction. Some believe their inner emotions came out and they became euphoric for pooping. When this happens, a cat may actually become so happy that they start purring! While some of these findings might seem unbelievable at first, there have been studies on this topic in the past as well. If you want to see whether your cat is also a happy camper when they poop in the litter box, just give them some love and attention while they’re on it!


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