How much is a white Ragdoll cat? (Care And Buying Guide)

  • December 30, 2022

Ragdoll cats are loved for their beautiful coat and friendly personalities, which makes them a perfect companion for any home. These cats can come in all colors, but the traditional white with blue eyes is sure to bring delight to anyone in its presence. Depending on the breeder and location, prices can range anywhere from $400 – $1500. It’s important to remember that these pricey cats come with even pricier medical bills, so make sure to choose a loving and knowledgeable breeder if you’re considering adopting one!

The average price of a white Ragdoll cat

Ragdoll cats are some of the most popular cats in the world. They come in all different colors and patterns, and they have unique personalities that many people love. One of the reasons Ragdolls are so popular is because their average price is relatively low compared to other breeds of cats. You can usually find them for around $1,000-$2,000 USD depending on where you live. That’s a lot cheaper than many other types of pets, and it’s definitely worth considering if you’re looking for a new pet. 

Another reason to consider getting a Ragdoll cat is their long lifespan – they typically live between 10 and 15 years old! That means your investment will last for quite a while – making Ragdolls one of the best choices when it comes to choosing an indoor pet!

Factors that can affect the price of a white Ragdoll cat

Price is one of the most important factors that can affect a white Ragdoll cat’s welfare. A high price can lead to better living conditions for the cat, while a low price may not be adequate in providing the necessary care and nutrition. There are many other factors that can influence the price of a white Ragdoll cat, including global demand, prevailing trends, and seasonal changes. So it’s important to stay up-to-date on market trends so you know what to expect when shopping for your feline friend.

How to find a reputable breeder of white Ragdoll cats

Finding a reputable breeder of white Ragdoll cats is crucial if you’re interested in acquiring one as a pet. There are many unscrupulous breeders out there who will sell you an unhealthy or unsuitable animal, and it’s not worth risking your health or the well-being of your new friend for something that could be so wrong.

Fortunately, there are several ways to hunt down a quality breeder. You can contact local cat rescues and shelters to ask if they have any adoptable white Ragdollcats waiting for homes, or check online resources like The Cat Site or Purebred Cats Marketplace to find someone who specializes in this specific breed. Remember to investigate both the seller’s credentials and the health and temperament of their animals before making a purchase!

What to look for when buying a white Ragdoll cat

When you’re shopping for a white Ragdoll cat, there are a few things to keep in mind. 

  • First and foremost, make sure that the kitten you’re choosing is of purebred lineage. Rarely will you find a white Ragdoll cat whose parents aren’t both white? 
  • Second, be sure to check out the animal’s personality and temperament. White Ragdolls are often very active and energetic cats who love playing fetch or running around outdoors. 
  • They also tend to be quite vocal – making them good candidates for families with young children or pet dogs who might not get along with other animals.”
  • The coat should be soft and smooth, without any scales or knots.
  • The eyes should be bright and clear with no signs of yellowing or cloudiness.
  • The nose should be small and well-proportioned.
  • The body shape should be sturdy but slender, with minimal waistline fat.

How to take care of your white Ragdoll cat

If you’re one of the millions of people who own a white Ragdoll cat, then you know that they require special care. White Ragdoll cats are one of the most popular cat breeds in the world and for good reason. They are affectionate, playful, and easy to take care of. Here are a few tips on how to keep your white ragdoll healthy: 

  • Keep their diet clean and balanced. Give them small amounts of quality food every day rather than large meals that they may not digest well. White ragdolls have sensitive stomachs, so feed them only what they can eat in a few minutes without regurgitating or vomiting.
  • Bathe them regularly but carefully. Ragdolls love water but don’t enjoy getting wet too much; use cool water instead of warm if possible to prevent hypothermia or shock from cold temperatures. Be sure to rinse off all the soap before letting them dry off completely – this will help avoid allergies and skin problems down the road.
  • Protect their eyes from sun exposure by wearing sunglasses when outdoors during daylight hours, and having a window open at night so they can breathe fresh air (they hate being cooped up). Always provide enough litterbox hygiene by using high-quality kitty litter that is made for indoor use only – no clay products allowed!
  • Feed them regularly and give them fresh water; drink plenty of water too, especially if your Ragdoll is an outdoor kitty.
  • Socialize them with other cats (and dogs if tolerated) – exercise them daily by playing fetch or running around.
  • Groom them regularly using a soft brush and loofah; avoid harsh chemicals or rough brushing.

White Ragdoll cat health concerns

  • There are a number of health concerns that plague white ragdoll cats, but the most common ones involve their eyes. 
  • White ragdolls have inherited a gene from their Siamese ancestors that causes eye color to fade over time. 
  • This gradual process can lead to blindness in as little as two years if left untreated. In addition, white ragdolls are also prone to other eye problems, such as asthma and uveitis (a condition caused by inflammation of the middle layer of the eyeball). 

Regular examination by a veterinarian is essential for these cats’ welfare.

Final Say

Ragdoll cats are gentle and loyal, making them a great addition to any family. With their long history of affectionate and docile behavior, they have no problems getting along with kids and other pets. For you who want to add one to your family soon, don’t worry – there are plenty of Ragdoll litters available all the time across the country! All you need is patience and good luck in finding a loving home for this adorable shorthair feline.


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