Do Ragdolls shed a lot? ( The Unlimited Guide )

  • December 31, 2022

When considering the question of whether Ragdoll cats shed a lot, it is necessary to consider why you’re asking in the first place. For some people, shedding can be an issue in terms of allergies or tidiness. If this is your main concern, know that while Ragdolls do shed, they are among the lower-shedding breeds of cats. However, their long silky hair does require regular grooming and brushing – at least once a week – to prevent tangles from forming. Grooming also helps with controlling how much loose hair ends up spreading around your home! Fortunately for owners, like other long-haired cats, Ragdoll cats love being brushed and it’s important for keeping them healthy too.

What is a Ragdoll cat and what are their characteristics

Ragdoll cats are a type of domestic cat that was originally developed in the United States by crossing Ragdolls with American Shorthairs. 

  • They have a distinctive coat that is almost all white, with only their face and paws gray or black. Ragdoll cats are usually very active and playful, and they love to play fetch.
  • Some common characteristics of ragdoll cats include being extremely gentle, having soft fur that’s easy to brush, and being especially good at climbing trees (due to their short tail). 
  • Overall, ragdolls make great pets because they’re affectionate but also gently independent creatures who enjoy spending time alone or playing interactive games.

Do Ragdolls shed a lot and how much hair will they leave behind

Yes, Ragdolls do shed a lot! A single adult Ragdoll will shed an average of two to three pounds per year. And because their fur is so soft, even the smallest amounts of hair can amount to a lot in terms of shedding. And yes, they’ll leave behind quite a mess on your furniture and carpeting! Fortunately, regular vacuuming and shampooing will help clean up after them pretty easily. The cleaning option also needs some extra dollars after purchasing a new ragdoll.

How can you help reduce the amount of hair your Ragdoll leaves around the house?

  1. Regularly brush and groom your Ragdoll to help remove loose hair.
  2. Use a vacuum with a special attachment designed to collect pet hair.
  3. Wipe down surfaces with a damp cloth to pick up any stray hairs.
  4. Invest in good quality cat litter that will help reduce the amount of dust produced.
  5. Keep your Ragdoll’s diet under control – too much protein can cause excessive shedding.
  6. Consider getting a pet hair roller to quickly clean up any messes.

Are there any products you can use to help keep your home clean and free of cat hair

There are a few products you can use to help keep your home clean and free of cat hair. Some effective cleaners include:

  • Clorox Greenworks – This product is specifically designed to clean carpets, floors, walls, and furniture. It contains no ammonia or bleach, so it’s safe for pets and children.
  • Lysol Wipes – These wipes are perfect for cleaning hard surfaces such as countertops and tile floors. They also work well on Windows screens and glass doorsills.
  • OxiClean Multi-Surface Cleaner – This cleaner is specially formulated to clean multiple surfaces quickly without leaving behind residue or chemical residues. It works great on wood flooring, marble tiles, granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, and more!

Should you brush your Ragdoll often to help minimize shedding

Regular brushing is essential in helping to reduce unhealthy levels of shedding for Ragdolls. It also reinforces the bond between owner and pet by providing physical contact, promoting healthy skin and coat, as well as helps to identify any changes in the skin or coat condition. 

Brushing should be done regularly but not too frequently; daily sessions work best for most cats especially those with longer coats. A wide-toothed comb is great for initially detangling fur if needed, followed by a softer slicker brush to try to get excess loose hair up and out from the undercoat before it could end up on your furniture. Ragdolls seem to really enjoy these sessions and it’s a great way for owners and their furry friends to spend quality time together.

Final Thought

The truth is, Ragdolls do shed. However, their hair needs to be regularly groomed and brushed if you want a cat that doesn’t end up in your bedroom on your clothes or the sofa every other day. In fact, Ragdoll cats are among the lowest shedding breeds of cats as long as you groom them at least once a week. Ragdolls may not be one of the highest sheddings, but with their soft skin and long fur, they still have a tendency to shed. You may need to groom your Ragdoll every few weeks or so if you are allergic to cat hair or just want your house to look clean and neat.


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